Simple, easy, and quick assets tracking with QR Code

Track assets with QR code scan

We can track any and all of your assets from acquisition to retirement.

Our highly configurable and user-friendly Asset Tracking System combines web system, QR scanner, QR labels and mobile devices to track assets.

Track all your assets

Every business is unique, and so are its assets. We understand this problem, so we designed asset management software to track anything. We believe that excellent asset tracking leads to better performance - you keep your asset excellent, know where it should be, and prevent losses and damages.

Easy to track your assets

QR code tags are easy to provide assets with a unique identifier. QR code helps ensure that assets can be effortlessly located and identified at a moment's notice. Our QR codes can be easily printed at the office with a thermal printer supplied together with the system.

Instantly get asset reporting

With Assetsware, you won't have to sift through cluttered files of asset records. With our asset reporting feature, you will be able to get full asset details, history, and location with just a button click from our mobile application. —an easy and effortless viewing report on the smartphone.


Why Choose?

Take advantage of our simple yet distinctive features that will transform your business

  • Check In/Check Out

  • Full Lifestyle History

  • QR Code Generation

  • Reporting Access

assetsware system
  • Custom Report

  • Asset Listing View

  • Real-Time Notification

  • Mobile Application


How Assetsware works

Assetsware Dashboard

The Admin can view the overall inspection status and assets under maintenance in the Dashboard. To create a new asset, Admin can click the Assets option in the navigation bar.

assetsware dashboard
assetsware listing

Assets Listing

On the Assets page, the admin will see the list of assets that have been added. To create a new asset, the admin can click the Create button on the top-left of the Assets page.

Creating New Asset

Admin needs to fill in the required details. After the details are completed, the data can be saved by clicking the save button on the top-left of the page. QR Code will be generated for the new asset.

assetsware create new assets
assetsware QR Code

Asset's QR Code

Admin can get the asset's QR Code on the Assets page. Admin can click the asset, and the Print QR Tag button will be shown on the top-left of the page. If the button is clicked, the QR Code will be automatically downloaded. Admin can print the QR Code and stick it to the asset. Admin can see the details of the asset just by scanning the QR Code using the Assetsware Apps.


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